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Kick off your RampUp by diving into the power of identity resolution and people-based marketing in our workshops designed for LiveRamp customers and partners. These half-day tracks will feature focused conversation about the LiveRamp roadmap and facilitated discussion between other LiveRamp practitioners and partners. Choose the track that best fits you, since content is created with these audiences in mind: brands & agencies, B2B marketers, data owners, and technology providers & publishers.

Select ONE track that aligns most with your company. Please note that track selections are subject to approval based on what is most relevant to your business.

B2C - Brands & Agencies

Brand and agency marketers, get the inside scoop on how to achieve your people-based marketing goals. Hear about LiveRamp's vision for marketing in 2020 and what leading brands are doing today to stay ahead of the curve, especially with TV and second-party data.

B2B - Brands & Agencies

LiveRamp B2B is here! Learn how to reach your top prospects or accounts with a B2B-centric approach, measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, and run B2B analytics. Get ready to win big with identity resolution and hear from our experts at LiveRamp and our clients and partners.

Data Owners

Are you a data owner looking for new ways to monetize your data and support your customers? Join us as we dive into the latest trends, the best approaches to data strategy, what top data buyers are looking for from their providers, and how LiveRamp can help maximize the value of your data.

Technology Providers

This track will cover how marketing technology providers and publishing platforms are exploring better ways to incorporate identity into their targeting and measurement solutions to better support brand marketers. Hear directly from LiveRamp's experts and partners on how it's done.

TV Industry

Learn what's happening with advanced TV today and how to take advantage of this ever-growing opportunity – across addressable, CTV and more. This track is for MVPDs, networks, and TV platforms looking to win with people-based TV solutions.

Please note that you will only be able to attend sessions in the track you selected.


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